Item: BEM17.2 Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 2 mm Weight: 17.2 g
Partial/complete: Partial slice
All weights & dimensions are approximate.


Country: Australia
Found: 1930, July 30
Group: Stony-iron
Type: Carbonaceous Chondrite
Class: CB (Bencubbinite)
Total known weight: 118.4

Bencubbin displays evenly distributed enclaves of chondritic and achondritic material throughout. For many years the Bencubbin meteorite was considered one of a kind. In recent years several similar finds and one fall have come to light. Since Bencubbin was the first and had been studied in detail when others of this type were identified they were referred to as Bencubbin-like meteorites. Considering their bulk refractory lithophile abundance normalized to Si, and their O-isotopic ratios they have been further designated as part of the CCs (carbonaceous chondrites) Type C”B” Bencubbibites and are closely related to the CR-clan meteorites.

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Bencubbin in the SW Meteorite Collection