Item: ZGM14.8 Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 5 mm Weight: 14.8 g
Partial/complete: Partial slice
All weights & dimensions are approximate.


Country: Nigeria
Fell: 1998, September
Group: Stone
Type: Achondrite SNC
Class: Martian. Shergottite
Total known weight: 18 kg

Zagami is part of a unique group of SNC linked by compelling evidence to the planet Mars. SNC's contain gases identical in composition to the martian atmosphere as measured the Viking spacecraft in 1976. Their crystallizatioin age of 1.3-165 m.y. is by younger than most meteorites and consistent with Martian basalts. They contain viable imformation on the geological history of Mars from volcanic origins to primitive fossil life.


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Zagami in the SW Meteorite Collection