Indonesian Stone
Item: 184.1 Dimensions: 115 x 55 x 50 mm Weight: 84.8 g
Partial/complete: Partial slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3


Country: Indonesia
Region: West Java
Fell: 1922, July 10, 22:30
Group: Stone
Type: Ordinary Chondrite
Class: L5
Total known weight: 16.5kg

After the appearance of a fireball travelling from NE to SW, and detonations, two stones, 8.5kg and 8kg, were found, M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.482. Description, with a doubtful analysis, W.F.Gisolf, Jaarb. Mijnwezen in Nederlandsch-Indi