Green Stone
Item: 97.1 Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 8 mm Weight: 173 g
Provenance: American Museum of Natural History, New York
Partial/complete: Complete slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3


Country: USA
Region: Colorado
Fell: 1924, July 6, 16:20hrs
Group: Stone
Type: Achondrite
Class: ADIO-M
Total known weight: 40.3kg

After four explosions, twenty-seven stones fell near Johnstown; the total weight recovered was about 40.25kg, and the largest stone weighed about 23.5kg, M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.223. Description, E.O.Hovey et al., Am. Mus. Novit., 1925, (203). Al-26 data, K.Fuse and E.Anders, GCA, 1969, 33, p.653. Minor and trace element composition of orthopyroxene, B.Mason and A.L.Graham, Smithson. Contrib. Earth Sci., 1970, (3). Bulk analysis, 12.9% total Fe, B.Mason and E.Jarosewich, Meteoritics, 1971, 6, p.241. M