The Colorado Meteorite
Item: 12.1 Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 11 mm Weight: 3.805 kg
This was once a part of the Amherst collection where it was named "Aeriotopos", belonging to the sky. The inclusions along with the distinctive pattern make this meteorite visibly unique.
Partial/complete: Complete slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3

Bear Creek

Country: USA
Region: Colorado
Found: 1866
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, Medium
Class: IIIB
Total known weight: 227kg

Formerly called the “Colorado Meteorite”, This iron was collected at and elevation of 8,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains forty miles west of Denver this was once part of the Amherst collection where it was named “Aeriotopos”, belonging to the sky. (SWML Book)A mass of about 500lb was found about 25 or 30 miles from Denver, M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.44. Description, C.U.Shepard and J.Henry, Am. J. Sci., 1866, 42, p.250, 286, E.Cohen, Meteoritenkunde, 1905, 3, p.299. Analysis, E.Goldberg et al., GCA, 1951, 2, p.1. The specimen in the Nat. Hist. Mus. London (BM.1959,973) has been intensly shocked, H.J.Axon, Prog. Materials Sci., 1968, 13, p.221, A.L.Graham et al., Cat. Met., 1985, p.65. Vanadium content of troilite and metal, T.A.Linn,Jr. et al., GCA, 1968, 32, p.561. Further analysis and classification, 9.8% Ni, 18.4 ppm Ga, 32.8 ppm Ge, 0.019 ppm Ir, E.R.D.Scott et al., GCA, 1973, 37, p.1957. Nitrogen abundance in metal and troilite, E.K.Gibson and C.B.Moore, GCA, 1971, 35, p.877. Description, V.F.Buchwald, Handbook of Iron Meteorites, Univ. of California, 1975, p.307. Hg isotopic composition in acid-resistant residues, A.N.Thakur and P.S.Goel, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1989, 96, p.235. Mn-Cr systematics of chromite and phospates, I.D.Hutcheon et al., LPSC, 1992, 23, p.565 (abs.). Pd and Ag isotopic composition, J.H.Chen and G.J.Wasserburg, LPSC, 1995, 26, p.235 (abs.). Oxygen isotopic composition, R.N.Clayton and T.K.Mayeda, GCA, 1996, 60, p.1999. Contains large chromite inclusion, J.T.Wasson et al., MAPS, 1997, 32, p.A137 (abs.). Chemical composition and trace element contents of phosphate minerals, E.J.Olsen et al., MAPS, 1999, 34, p.285. Origin and chemical composition of massive chromite inclusion, J.T.Wasson et al., GCA, 1999, 63, p.1219. Further analysis, J.T.Wasson, GCA, 1999, 63, p.2875. Al/Mg ratios and Mg isotopic composition of individual plagioclase grains, E.Zinner and C.G