Item: 29.3 Dimensions: 228 x 111 x 135 mm Weight: 25.5 kg
Provenance: University of Geological Survey, Copenhagen
A block from the center from the Agpalilik mass found by Vagn Buchwald.
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3

Cape York

Country: Greenland
Found: 1818, before
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, medium
Class: IIIA
Total known weight: 58,200 kg

Cape York is a historic meteorite from Greenland. Knives of iron with bone handles were given to Capt. John Ross in 1818 by the Inuits of Prince Regent's Bay. Several large masses have been recovered; the largest weighs more than 36 tons displayed at the American Museum of Natural History. Our inventory comes from the interior of the 22 ton Agpalilik mass found by Vagn F Buchwald. These interior slices prove to be much more stable than other exterior slices; some contain troilite(FeS) inclusions. Cape York is the icon of medium octahedrites.