Olivine-visible in surface
Item: GM27 Dimensions: 27 x 35 x 12 mm Weight: 27.3 g
One of the few with olivine found in the iron.
Partial/complete: Complete
All weights & dimensions are approximate.

Glorieta Mountain

Country: United States
Region: New Mexico
Found: 1884
Group: Stony-iron
Type: Pallasite
Class: Ungrouped
Total known weight: >138 kg.

Less than half of the Glorieta Mountain meteorites have the olivine crystals which make it a pallasite. Even some specimens are half pallasite and half siderite (solid iron). In literature this meteorite is considered a prehistoric fall but many still have fusion crust with details like flow lines. Another historical factor about this strewnfield is that it on the location of the civil War battle ground. Therefore meteorites have been found among metal civil war relics like musket balls, buttons and pocket knives.


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