Meteorite Cutting Services
Cutting the Miles meteorite. Australia 1993

Custom meteorite cutting since 1991

We take pride in our meteorite cutting which is on display in many of the world's largest museums and meteorite collections. We have cut just about every kind of meteorite. We use state of the art cutting equipment and methods. Our wire saw offers minimal kerf (cut loss). Our band saw has cut meteorites as large as 300 kg with excellent accuracy.

Meteorite Preparation

Marvin is one of the foremost experts in Meteorite preparation — using polishing and etching techniques derived from years of experience. We have utilized specialized treatments for the preservation of iron and stony-iron meteorites. We also embed meteorites in acrylic.

Meteorite Appraisals

We make evaluations of single or whole meteorite collections acceptable for tax deductible contributions or insurance purposes. Marvin is a member of The Meteoritical Society since 1992 and a member of Geological Society of America since 1998. We both have extensive experience in the field of meteorite sales as we have engaged full time in the business of buying, selling and trading meteorites from November 1993 until present. The meteorite market trends are erratic and difficult to analyze, however experience is our guide in our appraisals.

Meteorite Authentication

We can tell you whether or not you have a meteorite based on our 18 years of experience. We have found and purchased many meteorites out of the field. We know what they look like; most of them do not look anything like the specimens you see in pictures as they have been cleaned and oiled.

Meteorite Exhibition Services
Educational Public Outreach for the Phoenix Mission

Meteorite Hunting and Guiding

We have been very successful at locating meteorites in the field. We have the ability and the equipment including a variety of metal detectors; and off road vehicles; camping gear; and GPS. We are willing to clear land of meteorites for a share.

Meteorite Exhibit Specialist

From our Meteorites Collection we are able to offer several educational traveling exhibits which are available to schools, museums and organizations. The IMPACT of first hand experience of these ancient space travelers is a real eye opener. We have some of the largest most unique specimens on Earth.