Stone Meteorite Pendant with Filigree
Item: CAB4 Weight: 16 g
Large briolatte shaped stone meteorite 1 1/2" long. The cabachon is dark brown with metallic flakes formed in the early solar system. The setting is sterling silver (.925). Free gift box provided.
All weights & dimensions are approximate.

Northwest Africa Meteorite

Country: Morocco
Purchased: 1999-present
Group: Stone
Type: Unclassified Chondrite
Total known weight:

Saharan meteorites purchased in bulk from the marketplaces of Morocco which appear to be ordinary chondrites with fine textures. Chondrites formed in the early solar system are primarily composted of silicates such as olivine and pyroxene with visible particles of nickel-iron. Some have presolar grains from elsewhere in our Galaxy.

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