Metallic-melt Breccia
Item: PV56 Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 5 mm Weight: 56 g
The Portales Valley meteorites were witnessed falling the morning of June 13, 1998. This specimen was found by Elton Brown shortly after the fall. This is an excellent polished slice of metallic-melt breccia. Exemplifies the unique structure of Portales among meteorites.
Partial/complete: Partial slice
All weights & dimensions are approximate.

Portales Valley

Country: USA
Region: New Mexico
Fell: 1998, June 13, 07:30
Group: Stone-iron
Type: Chondrite
Class: H6
Total known weight: 71.4 kg

Portales Valley is an extra-ordinary chondrite. The classification H6 based upon the olivine fayalite, is an over simplification of a complex meteorite. More appropriately classified an H7, metallic-melt breccia with affinities towards the metal-rich primative achondrites. (MaPS 40). About half of the meteorites recovered from this fall are considered metal-rich containing up to 50% metal arranged as a medium octahedrite which is unpresidented in type H ordinary chondrites. We have preserved a impact pit or crater (if you will) caused by a 2.53 kg specimen that landed in a paved county road.


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Portales Valley in the SW Meteorite Collection