Red Iron Meteorites
Item: HB12 Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 10 mm Weight: 12 g
Red from the iron-rich Australian soil.These meteorites were found near the Henbury craters.
Partial/complete: Complete
All weights & dimensions are approximate.


Country: Australia
Region: Northern Territory
Found: 1931
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, Medium
Class: IIIA
Total known weight: ~2000kg

The thirteen craters in the Henbury crater-field were formed about 5000 years ago. Some of the meteorites are unaltered individuals and others exploded upon impact. The aboriginal name for the place is "sun-walk-fire-devil-rock"; which sounds like someone stepped on a surface meteorite heated in hot Australian sun. Henbury etched pattern is a favorite; it has crisp sparkling Widmanstatten pattern.


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