Meteorite Painting #11

by Ulrike Arnold
Description: An interpretive painting we call the Butterfly Cluster.
About 15 x 11 inches.
Item: Ulrike #11 Dimensions: 390 x 270 x 3 mm
All weights & dimensions are approximate.

Ulrike Arnold

Country: Germany
Region: Düsseldorf

Known as the Earth Artist, Ulrike paints with pigments she creates from the earth. The multicolored powders, grains, minerals and stones derived and inspired from special locations on five continents portray the essence of the geological formations. Due to a chance encounter with Marvin Killgore on a hike down into Great Meteor Crater, Arizona, Ulrike Arnold has turned her eyes to the sky, creating a new series of “Sky Paintings” inspired by and made of meteorites. Stones formed in the early solar system have travel billions of miles, on a collision course with earth.
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