Chilean Iron
Item: 132.1 Dimensions: 133 x 65 x 7 mm Weight: 426 g
Partial/complete: Partial slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3

North Chile

Country: Chile
Region: Antafagasta
Found: 1875
Group: Iron
Type: Hexahedrite
Class: IIAB
Total known weight: 266kg

Nine irons of total weight about 300kg, identical in structure and composition, are collectively known as North Chile. Exact localities are unknown, eight masses are known under the name, Coya Norte, Filomena, Puripica, Quillagua, Rio Loa, San Martin, Tocopilla, and Union. Each mass is part of a single kamacite crystal in which rhabdites are irregularly distributed; cosmic and artificial fracturing were controlled by the rhabdite plates, A.L.Graham et al., Cat. Met., 1985, p.263. Metallographic description, mean composition, 5.59% Ni, 58.9 ppm Ga, 177 ppm Ge, 3.6 ppm Ir, V.F.Buchwald, Handbook of Iron Meteorites, Univ. of California, 1975, p.917. Locality map, composition, and discussion of Chilean hexahedrites, J.T.Wasson and J.I.Goldstein, GCA, 1968, 32, p.329. Be-10 data, cosmic-ray exposure and terrestrial age, C.Chang and H.W