Kansas H5
Item: 164.1 Dimensions: 160 x 155 x 25 mm Weight: 1151 g
Partial/complete: Complete slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3


Country: USA
Region: Kansas
Found: 1986
Group: Stone
Type: Ordinary Chondrite
Class: H5
Total known weight: ~6kg

A stone of about 6 kg was found in a pasture by Jim Steward and used as a doorstop and to make car repairs; classification and mineral analysis (M.E.Zolensky, NASA JSC; A.Rubin, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles), J.N.Grossman, Met. Bull. 82, MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A221.