California Medium Octahedrite
Item: 156.1 Dimensions: 135 x 90 x 5 mm Weight: 420 g
Provenance: University of California, Los Angeles
Partial/complete: Partial slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3

Red Rock

Country: USA
Region: California
Found: 1976
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, Medium
Class: IIIAB
Total known weight: 47.6kg

One mass of 47.6kg was found and purchased by the University of California, Los Angeles, Met. Bull. 64, Meteoritics, 1984, 19, p.54, A.L.Graham et al., Cat. Met., 1985, p.300. Classification and analysis, 7.71% Ni, 21.6 ppm Ga, 41.8 ppm Ge, 2.1 ppm Ir, D.J.Malvin et al., GCA, 1984, 48, p.785. Further analysis, M.Hoashi et al., Chem. Geol., 1992, 98, p.1.