Arizona Witness Fall
Item: 87.1 Dimensions: 85 x 50 x 45 mm Weight: 348 g
Provenance: H.H. Nininger Collection and Arizona State University, Tempe
Partial/complete: Complete
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3


Country: USA
Region: Arizona
Fell: 1912, July 19, 19:15 hrs
Group: Stone
Type: Ordinary Chondrite
Class: L/LL6
Total known weight: 220kg

After appearance of a smoky trail in the sky and detonations, a shower of stones fell, estimated to number 14000, of total weight about 481lb, with individuals weighing from 14.5lb to a few grains. Description, W.M.Foote, Am. J. Sci., 1912, 34, p.437, G.P.Merrill, Smithson. Misc. Coll., 1912, 60, (2149). Analysis, 21.56% total Fe, B.Mason and H.B.Wiik, GCA, 1961, 21, p.276. Olivine Fa25, B.Mason, GCA, 1963, 27, p.1011. Structure and composition of plagioclase, W.R.van Schmus and P.H.Ribbe, GCA, 1968, 32, p.1327. XRF analysis, 19.8% total Fe, H.von Michaelis et al., Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1969, 5, p.387. Study of metal phase, H.C.Urey and T.Mayeda, GCA, 1959, 17, p.113. A 1.5 kg specimen was recovered from the fall site in 1968, E.K.Gibson,Jr., Meteoritics, 1970, 5, p.57. Metallography and Ni-concentration profiles of taenite in metal grains, G.J.Taylor and D.Heymann, GCA, 1971, 35, p.175. Ni and Ir contents, O.M