American Fine Octahedrite
Item: 47.1 Dimensions: 135 x 90 x 6 mm Weight: 328 g
Provenance: United States National Museum, Smithsonian
Partial/complete: Complete slice
Cube: ~15mm x 15mm x 15mm ≈ 15mm3


Country: USA
Region: Ohio
Found: 1892 or 1893
Group: Iron
Type: Octahedrite, Finest
Class: IIID
Total known weight: 26.3kg

A mass of 26.3kg was noted, with an analysis, 18.1% Ni, E.P.Henderson and S.H.Perry, GCA, 1954, 6, p.223. Listed, F.C.Leonard, Classif. Cat. Met., 1956, Cat. Met. Arizona State Univ., 1964, p.1101, M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.130. Listed, K.Keil, Fortschr. Min., 1960, 38, p.217. Contains phosphates brianite and panethite, L.H.Fuchs et al., Meteoritics, 1967, 3, p.111 (abs.). Be-10 data, cosmic-ray exposure and terrestrial age, C.Chang and H.W