Southwest Meteorite Collection

Welcome to our personal collection of meteorites and tektites. We are glad to share with you some of the most amazing stones to fall from the sky. Click one of the featured specimen below, or use the menu above to navigate our collection...
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Ioka - 94.1


Utah Chondrite
Item: 94.1 Weight: 200.8 g
Bencubbin - 15.2


Item: 15.2 Weight: 3.117 kg
Turtle River - 189.1

Turtle River

Shocked Medium Octahedrite
Item: 189.1 Weight: 227.3 g
Huckitta - 88.1


Australian Pallasite
Item: 88.1 Weight: 218.4 g
Park - 150


L6 Recognized in 1969
Item: 150 Weight: 506 g
Monahans - 120.1


Rare Plessitic Iron
Item: 120.1 Weight: 325 g
Deport - 51.1


Red River County Meteorite
Item: 51.1 Weight: 168 g

The Fukang Pallasite

The Fukang Pallasite

Of all the rarities on Earth the most eye-catching and unique are pallasites. These extra-terrestrial gemstones mirror the stellar beauty of the cosmos. The Fukang Pallasite is a specimen that clearly out shines all meteorites of its class.
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